A9 inline skate
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The TG-T7RK Roller Skates are a good choice for the hockey player. The skate provides good ankle support and a comfortable, form-fitting feel around the foot. The new outer shell is much more durable than before plus it holds its integrity longer too! The thick felt tongue and the blade holder complete the pro-inspired look and feel. Quarter Package: Plus Stiffness boot shell Ankle Padding Comfortable thicker ankle pads Tongue Construction 2-piece felt tongue with metatarsal guard Footbed: EVA form Frame:  HI-LO Aluminum Wheel: PU 7676/8080 mm Bearing: ABEC-7 Size:#33-#46

Available Color


  • Plus Stiffness boot shell

  • Comfortable thicker ankle pads

  • PU 7676/8080 mm

  • ABEC-7